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Law  Done  Differently

Family Law

Whether it is a divorce, custody, paternity, or modification issue, Miller Law is a family focused law practice that strives to help people navigate through conflict and plan for the future in a productive manner. 


We are dedicated to providing individualized solutions for each client's unique situation. 

Mother and Son

Collaborative Law

Through the Collaborative process both parties resolve and agree to refrain from using the Court and/or a judge as the final arbiter of the parties' dispute.

This places the power in the hands of the parties to craft a truly unique and individualized resolution for their specific needs and situation.

Collaborative law is forward thinking-- Emphasis is placed on redefining how life and relationships are going to be structured going forward.  This makes Collaborative law ideally suited for resolving family conflicts.

Estate Planning

Life changes are inevitable-- Whether it is due to a recent marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or incapacity of a spouse, your estate planning documents should reflect these changes in life.  


At Miller Law we are devoted to helping our clients plan for the future.  This includes preparing wills, trusts, power of attorney, and health and personal care documents.  

Ask about our flat-rate will packages!

Guardian ad Litem

Our Guardian ad Litem services are defined by uncompromising dedication to the best interest of the child or incapacitated adult.

We strive to offer clients and families thorough and detailed reports  that are individualized and cost-effective.  

We are conscious of and sensitive to the financial constraints faced by most families. Please ask about our Modest Means Program!


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